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    1. My friend Stu, it was at a really posh hotel, he happened to be quite gifted at classical piano, so he sat down and played, when security came they let us play on:)

    1. Awesome, that is a ukele belonging to a Hawaiin prince I befriended named Kamillo, he played the most amazing song, his grandmothers song, passed down form genertation to generation, it was a great honor:)

  1. I feel that this speaks volumes about solitude and the isolation we feel in moments of natural splendour & man made beauty. Or possibly it’s just a load of really cool photos. You decide? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. We make the most of where we’re at, the moments here happen everyday, everywhere, every which way, though perhaps not always apparent if we are in some kind of numbed state or caught up in our daily blah blah, these moments were gifts and I was happy to document them and share them here.

  2. Photos like these are the best — not that much physically, but can get through your heart. At least for me and for all the others here, I believe.

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    1. A good friend, Stu, I met him on the Big Island Hawaii, he was classically trained and there happened to be a piano at a posh hotel, he sat down and played unannounced, it was a really special moment in time:)

    1. The closest thing I can think of to wordless is duende, it’s gypsy term of some kind, when you get that tingle up and down the spine, a mix of sorrow and joy.

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