What’s happening Earth?

Okay I am going to attempt to take a break from the subject of art for the moment. I just watched a video, the link is as follows, weird weather Now I am at heart an artist, though I also studied weather and climate and graduated with a University degree in Geography many moons ago. Following the year I graduated I really noticed that I was becoming increasingly depressed. What was I depressed about? The way we have managed and in a lot of cases ravaged our home. Through school channels I learned quite a bit about the climatic conditions of Earth, I read countless journals, studies, looked at satellite images, and than read more university papers…pretty much I have an insatiable curiosity about weather and climate, perhaps being from Canada might have something to do with that, weather is always a popular subject to talk about. At any rate it does appear weather has gone weird, and it makes me think of Hunter S. Thompson, ‘when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro’ and perhaps Mother Earth has decided to get weird, and this might suggest the weird turn pro. Now I am not entirely sure what HST meant by this, I am sure someone does, whatever the case might be things are a changing, and how will we change with it? There have been regularly occurring solar flares, meteors coming as close as we have ever witnessed, and more storms and weather phenomenon than you or I can shake a stick at. What does it all mean? What’s happening on Earth anyway, it seems there is plenty of speculation, and no doubt humans have had a hand to play in whats been going on, still no one really seems to know what it all means. The link I shared here does suggest we have some interesting times ahead, daunting one might say, and yes even depressing. So truly what does it mean for us? I don’t know. I do know that it seems that humans might be best to reconcile their differences, and come together on this subject, it is our home, and every single living organism’s home as well, it’s the home to future generations, and what are the implications if current trends are to continue? The one thing I do know, is I have a lot of questions, and the more they accrue the more I wonder why the hell we are so ‘business as usual’ when we ought to maybe be open to some not so new ideas, like living off of our own land, and making our own food, or what have you, perhaps we have it in us, and we do as there are plenty of folks who are doing it. Maybe living off the land will not stop what we have collectively, in one way or another, set into motion, but at least we can try, and see if it does make a difference, imagine that, living off the grid, and making it work. One way or another we are going to have to face the reality, and instead of being afraid of the changes we have been witnessing on Earth, it is pretty hard to deny, instead we be the radness we are truly capable of. We are resourceful. We have amazing abilities to adapt, and why wouldn’t we, we are a highly sophisticated, all be it stubborn beings, who have become increasingly reliant on technology, which is great, but what happens if we lose power? What happens if we run out of fuel, are we going to hunt and harvest whales again, I certainly don’t think so. We do have this thing called ingenuity, and the ability to take some great ideas and implement them, as well we have the capacity to take really good ideas and implement them in horrific and terrifying ways, take Monsanto for instance. Whether it is truly the end of the human race, and really when we see other living beings becoming extinct, it doesn’t take a genius, or any real imagination, to see that this too can happen to us, the doom, what HST loved to write about. I find myself pondering this right now, and think about where the heck it’s all going, and I know I am not the only one, it might seem heavy, and it does perhaps pull me away from making my art, but once and a while I do come down to Earth and think about what the point of life is, to live happily, and make the most or wallow in pain and suffering and that’s that. I know as an individual I can do my part to be a good human, both to myself and to others, to enjoy my stay in this life and subsequently enjoy the company of my brothers and sisters, and the world and Mother Earth. It’s a lot to ponder, though it does seem it’s time to put thought into action and do whatever needs to be done. Love and compassion seems like a good place to start.
When I am not thinking I am writing or making art. Whatever it all means I will pledge to be a positive influence, even though I have my fair share of anger and frustration towards the world at times, and our ways, I am also aware I am in it, part of it, and therefore will do my part to make it the best I can, and put words into action.
-Mahalonessfoto -paintings from the last couple years including an Obama rendering, in deep thought, amongst the opinions and slander, there is a man just like you and me, with a brain and a conscious, and a heart. Give Earth a hug when you have a second:)




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