What is Mahaloness?

So what is Mahaloness anyway? Being thankful and heart love, similar to the aloha spirit of Hawai’i Mahaloness is living life through heart, mindful of mind, caring for oneself and as a result for others. It is wordless, it is the rebirth of the lost artist, pushed back from society because they are on the pulse on what’s really going on, it reflects society, the egoless art that is the farthest thing from impressing as can be. It is about doing the good work, often times thankless in that you are not In a gallery receiving praise from all your art buddies, you are out in it, in it with the people, no matter what shoes they where. This is the pulse, the flow, you are in it all the time there is no coffee break, there is no okay I quit, you are in it, it is intense, as much as it is liberating, freeing yourself from the constructs of the mind, no diddle dallying, sometimes fierce, sometimes dark, all made with love. The moment you analyze and breakdown what it is the effect is lost in words, because it is a feeling, it is life force, and countless books have been written to explain what life force is. In the face of doubt you stand tall, look it in the eye and continue to do the good work unaffected, unabated, which simply means you go with it, whatever it is. Adversity is always there, reason is always there, uncertainty is always there, no moment goes by when it is not present, doesn’t matter, it is part of the life force and can be used as a tool to propel forward as much as it can pull you back in hesitation. It is uncomfortably beautiful, you’re mind will try to decipher it, good luck, and perhaps even takes energy that can be channeled usefully, instead going towards limitations, and ultimately fear. The life force is everywhere, all the time, every which way, elsewhere. Be Mahaloness, redeem the artist spirit, be life force, channel and completely surprise yourself, let things roll, unfold and being mindfully aware that the marks you leave are filled with love and compassion.
Fotografica: public heArt unknown lone wolf leaves a mark




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