Today on Mahaloness, water downloading and habitual patterns.
An excerpt from Viktor Schauberger, Nature as Teacher. Pp.29-30
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“I was drawn time and time again inti the forest. I could sit for hours on end and watch the water flowing by without ever becoming tired or bored…Gradually I began to play a game with water’s secret powers; surrendering my free consciousness and allowing the water to take possession of it for a while. Little by little this game turned into a profoundly earnest venture, because I realized that one could detach one’s own consciousness from the body and attach it to that of the water. When my own consciousness eventually returned, the waters most deeply concealed psyche often revealed the most extraordinary things to me….
By practicing the blindfold vision I eventually developed a bond with mysterious nature, whose essential being I slowly learnt to perceive and understand.”

I have practiced this technique in lakes, rivers and ocean. It is an amazing experience that can only be understood if practiced.

Habitual Patterns (with reference to water; written a couple days ago)

I have found working in art that habitual patterns is a double edged sword. On the one hand I can say that I have a ritualistic methodology that I perform repeatedly, and by doing so I am in a habitual pattern. I think what makes the practice of ritual interesting is that it maintains the space in which I work, therefore maintaining upkeep for flow, and what I would call mahalospace. When I skip my ritual before painting I find it much more difficult to focus, and as a result my work suffers.The ritual is the sharpening of the sword, and maintaining skill set that aids me to do the good work well. I do think that gentleness and genuineness are key to being open to the magic. I like the magic. I especially like being aware that it is there, omnipresent, all the time and in between time. When I get caught up in the chaos, I become the chaos, when I am centered the chaos will often times avoid me. When I dream ,breath, concentrate, sing, paint, walk, work as play, and explore I am essentially diving in and going with the flow while using my skill set to navigate the waters. I know that when I am in those situations where I must be fully present, ie. Surfing, or when working as play, I get things done and I am in it, time has no relevance, I am focused and concentrated and centered. When I am not I eat it, as with surfing, when I lose focus, I simply eat it, I eat my pride, when I forget that a wave is powerful, energy in motion, I become open to the merciless power of that wave, which no longer cares about my feelings, or my wishes, it engulfs me and decides where it wants to move me. I have been lucky in most instances it has moved me around with grace, thank you. When I lose grace, I lose touch, the magic is blocked and I limit my potential. I know this from experience, be like water!

But first owl medicine!

Fotomahaloness -water and water inspired art I painted on a bus some moons ago


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