Waking Manifesto

I am an artist. I make art for a living. I have no idea how much a year I make, the payments come in many forms, often times not so apparent. I sell my work just to be clear. I practice non attachment, and it is always work to detach myself from a painting that I loved making and than translate that into selling art. It is a process in itself and one that I continuously work at, learning lessons all the time and making adjustments if necessary. There is not a day that goes by that I am not working at my craft, exploring, sensing and expanding. This is no hobby, I do not make art to make myself feel better, I do it because it is what I know, it is a gift that was passed on to me and of course the many teachers who have come in and out of my life and the information that passed on has been without a doubt in my mind essential to my ‘success’. The teachers come from all walks of life, passing on knowledge that you may spend decades scouring the records to find, a knowledge similar to the Vedic tradition, orally passed along, long before the Internet, Wikipedia, and Sergei at Google became the central hub for information. These days you can search something out and before you know it you have become a google algorithm finding what google thinks you should find interesting, or at least pertinent to your search history. In some ways I search random so to push the limits of the algorithms and find something that has no idea of what it is you happen to be searching for. I think once you break the algorithm you than find that information coming in to be pertinent to you, the actual you, not to be confused with the idea of who you are according to the algorithms that these so called software techs create for your benefit. Discerning. Be discerning to what you attract. There is only so many gems in this world, take emeralds for example that only become emeralds if the right set of conditions come together and even than there is a bit of luck involved in the process. So to are the teachers that come into your life, the true teachers, who are rare gems that will shine a light in your direction, when the timing is right, and the teacher acknowledges that what they are teaching will stick, because it is relevant to you. It is at these times that you feel a moment of wowness, and you leave with a seed planted that grows in your fertile soil, without the need for modifications or enhancements, it is for you to cultivate and nurture and harvest when the time is right. My experience in the art world has been one of cultivating relationships only to find that agendas often counteract your willingness to participate. Oftentimes I will hear people say, ‘don’t take it personally’ even though those same people are telling you how to feel and what to do, which can impede process if you let those people be right. They are not always right, in fact often times people who offer suggestions are the farthest thing from being a teacher and are actually bring their own fuss into the fold, this is where a seed is considered invasive, it is a weed that will take energy away from the seeds that fit your make up, and in the opinion of this author will pull you away from the work you are meant to do, in some ways you than serve the agenda of the individual who says they love your work and you should work with them so they can take you to where you need to be. This is a sure recipe for disaster, it will undermine your intention, affect your heart and you will carry the residual tension because you know in your heart what’s right for you and yet completely disregard your true intention, and in the current world this can be devastating, in fact just look up statistics of art school graduates and you will see the stats are dismal, many who receive training form so called teachers will never go on to explore their creative channel because the faux Shepard told you to stay with the pack if you want to survive, this is sheer nonsense, backwards, a riptide if you will, and if you fight a riptide you will lose. The trick here is to use the riptide as a highway and if utilized well will get you to where you would love to be, otherwise you might be compelled to a direction that is not you, the actual you. Be mindful. This is a window and you can choose to look at the windows reflection or look through the window and determine what it is you want to take and what you are willing to give once you see. The secret is still a secret even though there are some out there who propagate it as something the has been figured out and than travel the world and charge a gazillion dollars only to find the message is a net with holes a catching you and than you become untangled in the agenda of the purveyor, be mindful, be discerning, listen your gut, listen to your heart, and amalgamate this with the rational, it is a balancing act that you are capable of doing and no one can tell you the wiser. That simply means learn the rules and question everything, this is an interesting mindset to be in, what it will do is for you to discover, and watch out for the nets of entanglement, they can take years away from your true process, and though time may be an illusion, your time is precious to you and make the most of it. Mahaloness is about thankfulness, love, flow, all of the things that benefit you, and those who are around you, and elsewhere. Saying yes all the time can limit your flow, or will place limits on your flow, your personal growth, and so be mindful, be aware, be open, be discerning to the flow that comes in and you will be successful at whatever it is that you are doing. In short do well, be well and flow well and be prepared for the opportunities when they arrive, mindful that you are capable and ready to do it, Mahaloness.
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