Up in the air

I am in up in the air, I don’t know what comes next. It is most certainly uncertain what the future brings, I can only be now and observe as the the future begins to take shape. I have been asked repeatedly, ‘what’s your plan?’ Well, I am going to wake up and shake off the cob webs of yesterday. I am under my own guidance, I will pleasantly listen to your suggestions, lovely as they are, thank you friend, now what is it you want me to know? Walking purposefully and breathing is key, taking no guff, certainly! In the last week I have been called a vagabond, drifter, gypsy, and someone mentioned to me that when my hair was long, I reminded them of Jesus, if Jesus was white that is, I do not know. I prefer ‘nobody’ or ‘ghost walker’ as I travel through this existence without being seen, taking control of my own destiny by letting go of the control others want to place on me. I do not collect unemployment, I do not live off of food stamps, I do accept the generosity of friends and in return I can offer unconditional loving friendship (until you condition it), healing and art in return. For this is what Mahaloness brings, I am simply channeling, passing on the Aloha, in spirit I be. href=”http://haltsart.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/20120715-115813.jpg”>20120715-115813.jpg




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