Transformational Tara

The Transformational Tara (Sanskrit: star) is a painting that I worked on in the early winter of this year. The canvas was gifted to me by a fellow I met through a friend, he had lost his partner to cancer, and brought a canvas that she had started to work on. He asked if I could paint it, I agreed to do something with it. This kind of work is what I would like to do all the time because it is art and also a process that can help to heal both myself and those who the painting is intended for. Perhaps intentional painitng is the term, ‘intentional’ being a catch prhase of the times. The Tara figure originated in Hinduism and was adopted by the Buddhist faith, she is a savior goddess, her name Srolg-ma, meaning ‘she who saves’, is especially popular in Tibet, Mongolia and Nepal. The mantra of Tara is (om tare tuttare ture svaha) is the second most common mantra heard in Tibet, after the mantra of Chenrezi (om mani padme hum). Tara is the goddess of universal compassion, she is virtuous, and also reflects enlightened action. She offers longevity, protects Earthly travel and is a guardian for travelers on their spiritual journey to enlightenment and liberation. So with a little background info to wet your whistle, I spent a few days with the canvas, and in the photos I have attached you can see a black and red ring, which have symbols and a poem written 365 degrees within the black and red.

Agnus’s poem (was written on the canvas)
If you are not afraid of dying than there is nothing you can’t achieve
If you realize all things change there is nothing you will try to hold onto.

It was a challenging piece emotionally, I could feel her energy, which was in the canvas, and there were even a couple of moments when her spirit was present, while I was painting. I had also received some messages from a Tibetan friend and renowned Thangka painter, Romio Shrestha, please follow this link to learn more about Romio, an amazing artist, being and light. (
His guidance at the time was perfect timing, and I went on to paint the Transfomational Tara with the intention of liberating her spirit and healing her partners. It is an area of healing that is respected with varying degrees of openness. I believe that it is something that can benefit the sick and the dying, and those who are grieving after lose of a closed loved one. I am especially in service to those people.

Link to Saatchi where you can order the Transformational Tara as a high quality print

I have attached pictures of the transmutation of the painting, it coincides with Agnus’s transmigration. The Transformaitonal Tara is now in the collection of her partner, when he saw it he smiled, and I could see the light in his heart. Even though it was a difficult work to make, and having faced many thoughts of my own immortality, as well as sickness and disease, it really was a transformational painting. It re-opened my eye to how the simple act of painting can touch those who are open to receiving. This is what I live for, and put my love into. Many thanks to my courageous friend for seeing it through and I wish my friend love and light.
FotoMahaloness the transmutating Transformational Tara, in relative sequential order.
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