How the days of old wane

outside dreamy pink flowers burst

bees face deep into the experience

hummingbird perched on the rose branch tip

a yellow flower sings

in the peace dove garden

a distorted face reflected back in a glass pane

painted golden orange by the sun

billowing clouds sculpted into shapes

a fire breathing owl turns into a mother and child

trees sway in the cool spring winds

A thought breaks the silence

The mind is a funny thing.

And now some stills from life.

I recently sold a painting at Hopkins Harvest Merchants Corner (see images in above gallery). I set up a small table with a small batch of art prints, art cards, original artworks. And if you can believe a lovely human connected with one of my watercolours, an owl to be specific. I painted the owl, called ‘pueo dreamtime’ following a sojourn on Maui. It is a recollection of the brief encounters I experienced with the solitary owls while I was there. Years later it finds a new home.

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