thought meanderings

thought meanderings 1-4

no. 1

Woven tapestry


as far as eyes can see

beautiful upon first glance

look closely

there are holes.

Historical reminders of the human companion named, sorrow.

<;;ancient soul howls to lady moon

a fire crackles

illuminating dark times.

as young sorrow breeds passion


and when aligned with heart

does compassion be fully realized.


no. 2
Memories drift in my mind, time after time, resonating misery that besieged me for so long. Ho’oponopono.

no. 3
Raised by wolves the animal instinct comes alive when the night sky is filled with moonlight. My animal companion with me, a guide perhaps, non existent to the other, until you cross that line.

no. 4

Lost in haze, without uniform, searching sky, rainbows like oil slicks fill my eyes, what were once mountains carved down by man’s hand, a valley in the making, smoke stacks make for great picture making, while at night bright lights flashing high in the sky, no plane sound, what is it? Have I finally lost my mind.

no. 4
Awoke from a very long sleep and realized there, in my arms, lay a goddess next to me. How long had she been there I wondered? Was she with me all this time?

fotoMahaloness -a protective deity mural I installed in an ohana in Paia, Maui. Similar to a tv cable guy except this feeds your soul and replenishes your heart center, the Mahaloness way.
And in closing, medicine for the heart.20130810-003413.jpg
find my art here, first stop, buddhabear.</a

3 thoughts on “thought meanderings”

  1. Delicate and gentle. Loved the lines :look closely

    there are holes.

    Historical reminders of the human companion named, sorrow.”
    It seems like a private little story.

    1. I did not see the full comment, there is certainly an element of my own human experience in the writing, although I do think that sorrow is a human quality that has historically made for beautiful literature, paintings, poems, films, plays, and the likes. When it is channeled properly, as in being passionate with compassion. When it is left untapped, or it is withheld because of social pressure, or the idea that ‘i am alone in this’, when these kinds of things prevail, it seems sorrow can be quite the destructive force as well. When in sorrow I choose the former, as best I can.

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