Thinking out loud

Thinking out loud
– this is a large multifaceted thought bubble I had, I had a hard time posting this right away because the subject matter is quite intense and serious. I am still shaping my thoughts on some of the content of this entry, this is a side of Mahaloness that wants to express so please read on if you care about our planet, our home. Feel free to share your thoughts on this, I am no expert, however I am human, as far as I know.
When I think about all that there is to think about, I am really susceptible to falling into the valley of depression, if what I am pondering is of the ‘bad shit’ variety, and Mahaloness knows there is some bad shit going on in our world. It doesn’t appear that Earth is going to stop rotating anyone soon, but if it did imagine it going backwards which would be the new forwards. It’s difficult to be hopeful when we are seemingly so far gone according to a lot of think tanks out there, and truthfully I am not too far behind. It is difficult to write about the end of the world, or some kind of impending doom as a result if being irresponsible Earth dwellers. Now these ‘whistle blowers’, if you will, who are making a bit of noise amongst the the milieu of characters out there in the world making noise, and I will say for myself that there have been those moments when I was a bit of a shit disturber and made some noise, so I can appreciate this tangent right about now and what was I getting at!? Well here it is, after 37 human years on this here planet Earth, it is beyond my comprehension what is actually happening. I mean let’s face it, and lets agree that there are many out there who say we are doomed as a species, and perhaps there is evidence supporting this, I know there is, Through my own research and schooling, such as my study of Physical Geography, so I feel I have a bit of a comprehension about a few things and I can read and listen fairly well, and can I have the ability to research. So what are we going to do if in fact the world is going to change and change drastically, Our precious Earth is going to put us to the test, and it will, it already is. I’d like to know since I can’t really avoid hearing about it or watching something about it, or listening to a song about it, or thinking about it! So what is ‘it’ all mean? I don’t know really, I wish I did, all I have is my theories, based on other theories that may or may not be right. I tell myself all things must pass. I have in a lot of ways been victim to being a privileged Canadian citizen, whatever that means, it is easy living in a country that is currently doing okay, amongst the violence and instability that is happening on our planet every day so we North Americans can live the lifestyles we so desire, for as cheap as possible, and we’d new don’t like we have options. I would like to acknowledge I am human, and as a human I find it hard not to notice these things going on and yet the world just rolls along with it. Have we accepted our path and that’s that? Why not do some good, I mean we’ve been a bad human race for so long, we have gotten in fights, some blood has been spilt, we yell, argue,abuse,steal,all things terrible do I need not say, we compete instead of work together to gather from the land we share. We have been taught not to listen to our hearts, and in some ways we have lost touch with our gut instincts. Maybe it is the result of a cookie cutter system that was put into place, by so very few who thought they knew and who are no longer around to explain themselves, instead we have so called experts who write some book or do some lecture and all of a sudden we should just all stop and listen to yet another story being told by this thought provoking genius. Part of me says yes, yes we should listen and read and learn this story. It is at its core a universal story though each version always slanted by the one who tells the story, ever so slightly, which maybe doesn’t seem such a big deal, it reminds me of the old ancient Chinese proverb, ‘a water drop in succession will soon fill a teacup’, except that as it fills little variations change the direction of a story and that is life I do suppose. Now perhaps I am completely misinformed and mistaken and the world is okay. That somehow miraculously we are going to overcome all obstacles and hold hands around the globe and who knows maybe even create a 360 degree rainbow around our planet, maybe this is possible. Whatever the outcome is I want to be around those who I love, and do well for as well as well can be, carry my own load, and create my own flow, and eat my own food and drink my own water, and make my own power with the help of our home, Earth, Mother Earth, a very special female we really must respect and love, and give back to, despite what the evidence shows or what the state of the environment is, what are the other options? turn against each other and hate, and rely on upheaval and violence to lead the way, no thank you. Maybe this is just more rhetoric to add to the stew. Perhaps me flowing Buddhist precepts in a western kind of way that I am somehow kidding myself that peace of mind and stillness are the answer to the riddle. I recently watched a video called Endgame featuring author Derrick Jensen, contemporary storyteller and proponent of violence as a solution to the collective world crisis, speaking over a microphone to some ‘activist’ audience, whatever that means. He touched on this thing called voluntary transformation. Jensen thinks and somewhat demonstrates that transformation on a voluntary level wont happen anytime soon. Complex issues in complex times, with no easy solutions, or at least solutions that somehow circumnavigate the total breakdown of a world system that seems to be on the verge of something big. Perhaps violence is what will come, when the lies that have been upheld come tumbling down, and who will pay than? I wonder if the world is destined for this or will humanity rise above the veil, the illusion, will we see something else? Will history be repeated and recreated again. Are all these so called experts out there right? Or should I question everything? I know one thing it’s legal to think. When it isn’t…well I’d rather be grateful for the fact right now it is and I will continue to write and make art and share that with you. Mahaloness for meow and love to you. Love to my family and to my special lady, Agent R for encouraging me to do what it is I love to do, even if it is against all odds, creativity and art are a powerful teacher and healer and one solution to the complexity of existence I have to offer.
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