The sun is shining

The sun is shinning bright behind these two lights, Shane and Lady Jane who today received Mahaloness Lifetime Achievement awards for their radness and unquestionably good work, thankfulness and humanitarian stewardship. The Mahaloness Lifetime Achievement award or MLA was born in Hawaii, derived from the word Mahalo, or thank you, the ness is mahalo in action, being grateful to be here, it is dedicated to all those folks who took some chances, stepped up, voluntarily, unconditionally or without monetary gain, and provided service to a community. The recipient becomes apparent and the award is awarded on the spot. The award is primarily a creation made by you the Mahaloness awarder, it can be anything, as long as it is handmade, crafted and or given a personal touch, heart powered, and is awarded to anyone anywhere you may be for their Mahaloness served in this lifetime. There are no official parameters on Mahaloness, except that it is radness and benefits humanity, the community or home, or some aspect of being on Earth that is good for our home. It can be award to a complete stranger, there are no rules, it is free of charge and intended to acknowledge the good folks out there in the known universe for their good work and service. Mahaloness



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