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up there in the sky are the dreams of many, past and present.







‘Shanevolution’: personal discovery with larger implications.

This blog was started in 2012 as a platform to share my creative explorations, travel, topics that interest me, as well as ideas shared by others who I have met along the path. In this lifetime there have been moments when I have fallen off my path and lost touch with my higher purpose, finding myself bogged down by personal stuff and things that were and never will be within my ability to control. It has taken me quite sometime to amend some old wounds and actually begin to treat them properly. In essence I am reconnecting to the light and the loving kindness that is inside of me. There have been a few entries over the past few years where I tried to work out some of my issues, both with the profession of art and also with questions I have of others. This was a futile attempt to make something right when the simple fact remains, only I have the ability to change the things within myself that make me feel a certain way about someone or an event. Perhaps it is as easy as blowing the sand of a mandala away, although you will still have remnants of that mandala, even if in a grain of sand, that can be enough given the right conditions to remind you and pull you back to a place that perhaps you would rather forget. In other words memory doesn’t forget even if you want to. However as long as we are aware that it is just a grain of sand than we can also remember that there is a bigger picture going on, and this is something as an artist I would rather portray in my work and here on the Mahaloness channel. Keep in mind that Mahaloness is part of the beautiful and the not so beautiful world. I am certainly not separate to the plights of this world: anguish, fear, poverty, oppression, uncertainty, weather and violence, none of which seem to be calming down. I feel a real sense of obligation to go back to the intention of this blog and that is to be in ‘Mahaloness’, which is to be in gratitude and to serve this world as opposed to the other way around, that the world must serve me all in the name of making ‘me’ happy. Well the world owes me nothing, and as I find myself and rediscover the path, I look forward to sharing new insights, fotos and my the stories. Even though I still have my questions, and my search is far from over, I will do my best to be authentic to myself, to you, and to this thing called Mahaloness, which take the word away is the most beautiful thing this Earth has to offer and there are no words which describe exactly what it is. Thankfully there is fotoMahaloness, which even though is confined to a frame, there will be many frames coming your way if you so choose to come visit this site. Thank you from all of my heart, you are all wonderful beings on this Earth and whatever it is that you do keep doing it with all the light and loving kindness you can muster, this world needs it at this moment in spacetime.


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