The Mahaloness Review (revised)

I recently signed up to a new online art resource site called, which is a way to get my art out there into the big bold world. It is a vote based system, and to be honest I am not that popular, perhaps I slightly anti-social, or would rather remain unknown. I know I would rather be painting, thats what I am good at after all. That said, I am a professional artist, and a hard working one at that, not a day goes by when I am not working at some component of my art. This is the road I chose to take and I am making strides. Being an artist can come with its own set of challenges, especially when treating it as a profession. Now I have heard that most artists fail to be good at the business component of art. In contrast and in my experience I would say a good many people are funny with their money, due to every growing costs of living, in grained spending habits all in the name of consumerism, to name a couple of examples. I have written before about art being treated like a commodity. This is strange for me to write about considering I do sell my work, or at least I try to, like anyone else I do enjoy a roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in, and eating is good too.
Art’s story is a complex and difficult to summarize in one blog, so I will leave for you to ponder that thought stream. Being an artist within that story is a heavy thought. Perhaps my hermit like qualities and my inhibitions of getting lost in my process enables philosophical meanderings from time to time, it does. I am always in it, whatever ‘it’ is, it is a challenge to keep up with, and I do pray once and a while for ‘it’ to slow down. Maybe because of the fact I am getting older, together with the lessons I have learned, albeit not always easily, or necessarily right away, that, I really just want to make art, and share it with you, the world, and use my gift in a positive and productive way, while meeting the basic needs that support life. My only struggle is staying true to me, without letting the outside world effect me, especially the world that is cold and heartless. I pray that the spirit, the creator, will continue to allow me to do my work and continue on for as long as it requires. In a time when negative thought patterns and actions make for the news and fill the collective consciousness with disdain for one another, that I would like to continue my work on art that is healing and has the capacity to touch ones heart, mind, body and soul. My gift is to make art and tell stories, I am a storyteller, and a person who does think that every mark counts, and that to the best of my abilities that I will be aware of my intentions and may I stay as true to my vision as is possible. Through my art there is a voice for love, for spirit and for the creator, and whom I will continue to do the good work for.
This is the journey I was given and my gift to make art is one I am only beginning to understand. I am here to the do the good work and to leave this world plane with a positive vibration. I have had my own difficulties in following my words all the time, adversity does test my strength and convictions, it is a day to day practice for me. Being artist means you are open to being judged for what you put out there. I have recently come to realize that I have put out my fair share of good and some not so good stuff, even rainbows dont last 24 seven. The ‘bottom line’ is, I know what I put into my work, my art. I am very aware of the effort, the skill, the love, and the time that goes into my work. I do enjoy the making art, and I enjoy putting out there, it is all part of being an artist. I see that the work must continue and hopefully with a little bit of support and help out there in the big bold world I can continue to do the good work afterall that’s what I was put here to do, and to do so with integrity. Thank you.
This blog is dedicated to artist George Littechild. I hope to meet him one day and give thanks to him directly.
*My work and my art is actually a really smart investment because the art I produce does give back, over and over and over again. Thank you
If you would like to help out please follow the link and like my work, it might end up on a NYC billboard, what would you rather see, another ad, or some beautiful art, I think you know what to do. <;;;3
Also I have work up on Saatchi online here is a link for that order your Mahaloness prints here

Fotomahaloness -at work, examples of the good work, and occasional visitors like my insect friend, the praying mantis.










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