The Mahaloness Award

And the Life Mahaloness Award for outstanding Awesomeness goes to….Laura! This award is to honor the radness that is with you, even if not always apparent. So far 3 other official honorees have received the award, Willy Nelson and his son Lukas Nelson and Victor at Mana foods for his excellence and outstanding Mahaloness flow. The award comes to you when you least expect it. Mahaloness is always working on awards, all the time, sometimes they come as a plaque, sometimes a doodle, and there have even been cases when they are left in places where the first to see it and hold it automatically becomes the recipient for the day, and in the case of the planted awards they still count as official awards, though they are left up to the universal flow of the day. To this day I have yet to see who received the unofficial awards, perhaps if you are one of those recipients you can leave me a message or remain anonymous, it is entirely up to you. So with another day passing one wonders who the next recipient will be!
Images: some examples of awards made and placed, the awards so far have been made using recycled building supplies that would of otherwise been trash, rescued for the sake of Mother Earth







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