The future

I am looking past in the face
And as I do
I see that it has its place.
And that place is called,
The future brings
transformation of those dreams into a reality.

Fotomahaloness -my highschool grad photo with reflection, paintings I made for my family over the years (the advantage of having an artist in the family), and a view of a mountain from my parents family chill room (taken with camera phone through underwater binoculars) and the Transformational Tara in action and the last image is a quilt made by my oldest sister who also shows quite the zeal for the creativity.
Om shanti shanti shanti or in other words Mahaloness









2 thoughts on “The future”

  1. This is a beautiful collection of your early work…I think that the piece for your mother is amazing…spiritual. You are filled with love and with art, Shane! Have a magical Christmas season and many blessings in this coming year!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, I love making art, it is a spiritual experience for me, and to share that with my family is wonderful. Many blessings to you, I look forward to this coming year’s art explorations.

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