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Tara sesshin

How can I find the right way. If I could just see the light. That is the day I will be set free. Free of the load that weighs my bones and dancing than you shall see. Tears of joy as years deploy, falling to my feet. This life is where I find myself, wondering, wandering and searching for more. The more I search the less I see, so being present is where I’ll be.
-somewhat of a poem by GK an end of an era.

The Tara continues, I have not yet officially titled this piece, she is a continuation of the Modern Tara, a painting a completed last year. Perhaps this is Tara Mahaloness coming alive, ready to guide us through the shift that we are spiraling towards. Aum does Mother Earth make.
FotoMahaloness as the Tara Mahaloness comes to life so to does the this represent a transformation in my own life.

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