Tara medicine

When I explore I know that the Tibetan Tara is close by, watching over me, taking care of me when I am away from the creature comforts of home. Whether or not Tara is real is insignificant. She is my angel, she cares for me as if I was here own child, no matter what I always feel her presence, and her compassion. When I painted her I went through many thoughts, it was as if I faced my own immortality, and all the while I felt peace and rid of the anxiety of living in a world where anything can happen. The medicine of the Tara is that she is a mirror, her compassion is your compassion, her longevity is your longevity. She helps guide me on the path I have chosen, and I confide in her all of my fear, trusting that no matter how scary it gets, she is here with me.
The Tara painting remixed versions and original painting on easel.



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