lone wolf 

First off just want to honour the women of Earth and Mother Earth, thank you💚🌿 (hälts mural ‘creator’ there’s a paradise in my mind and the cosmos in my hand) The road less travelled opens one to possiblilities that can be fruitful. However there is also a chance for chaos, uncertainty and doubt. Knowing this …

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fragments disappear into the abyss gone forever even wisdom is finite.  fotoMahaloness ‘Fragment’ analog to digi art c.2015 all rights reserved    it was a cloud       What will we be left?   

The Great  Mystery 

Perhaps being dismissive is a limiting switch installed in the human brain to avoid experiencing full spectrum consciousness.  fotoMahaloness I often wonder ‘what’ lies beyond the rational mind. I have searched from caves to ocean for answers to this fundamental question. I refuse to pretend to know everyhting, nor believe that ‘everything’ is available at …

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what it is

Art exploration involves getting past the blocks of the mind and surrendering to the act. The time it takes to learn will exponentially increase the more one desires to master the art. fotoMahaloness Lovechild acrylic on wood c.2012 studio painting ‘I have a dream’ acrylic on canvas c.2013 live painting for black history month (2 …

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