white tara


“The spirit is like the wind you can’t fully grasp it.” -Pancho Nobert fotoMahaloness The artist path is one of patience, perseverence, and constant practice. Throughout the journey there will be experienes, countless experiments, endless information and encounters that adjust your perception of the world. This will inevitably end up in your work, which depending …

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A prayer for Nepal 

Sending my prayers to Nepal in this time when so many have been lost may the land stand still and give them the time they need to recover from this tragedy.  fotoMahaloness White Tara c.2015 

2 Taras

The healing associated with the act of witnessing art is an area of research I am very interested in. fotoMahaloness -the following is 2 white Taras I painted in succession to one another for art patrons, although I may be far from the conventional idea of a ‘Buddhist’ nor do I presume to be an …

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many lifetimes

Quiza en otra vida tú y yo fuimos amantes. I once met a man whose paintings adorn the walls of Dalai Lama’s meditation room. He paints beautiful Thangka paintings, so exquisite is the detail that one loses sense of space and time. When I asked him how he made such detailed paintings he looked me …

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seigan (vow)

…that we treat things with care, devote ourselves to our work, love those we encounter, and take concern for society, never for greed or fame. -Kosho Uchiyama Reshi As we move into a new cycle it seems fitting to renew a vow with this world I inhabit. The challenges faced up to this moment have …

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lens magica

Occasionally I look through my trusty lens magica, a special glass lens gifted to me while sitting on a rock on a bigger in the middle of the pacific ocean. fotoMahaloness There are some paintings that embody real magic, the thing is when I write about the magic it seems to take away from the …

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tara no. 5

This is the fifth and final part of a series called ‘Painting a Tara’. It is a mixture of timelapse, animation with an original sound overlay. I composed the score using my own recorded samples and brought it together with Garageband. I hope you enjoy it. Link: Tara no. 5 fotoMahaloness been on the road …

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