haze and confusion

Forgotten are the days when head was in haze caught up in the human confusion armed with ink, paint brush and paints I found solace in creative space empty canvases the saviour unleashing soul in silence one brush stroke at a time. fotoMahaloness a drawing and painting documenting moments in this lifetime. ’ember’ Ink moleskine …

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glass lens

fotoMahaloness A friend once gave me a glass lens while sitting on a rock in Paia. I recently found it and took this foto of my desert obscuro painting. I am also excited to announce that I have been working with my good friends at skyfarm productions and will be releasing a couple of digidocus/arthouse …

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I paint unique portraits. Portraits from over the years. Paintings: Pride (began as a live painting, Pearl Divers Dream ( a play on Vermeer’s Girl with Pearl Earring), MLK, Black Willow, and Wolfman.

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