Let’s set the tone with a hälts minimotion, motion picture experiments and quirky soundscapes, this one I did play on the accordion that I found buried in a closet, resurrected and definitely not perfected. The end is near, it is always near, omnipresent although never quite certain exactly where it is, or when it will …

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There is but a bitter sweet taste  that lingers on cycling trivialities  to distract what’s real  corrupt love and friendship leaving a path of senseless destruction  to the one who I loved  but could not love I forgive you  and so  Off I go down these city sidewalks  whose sparkle has been lost some time …

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time travel 

To keep words to a minimum which perhaps might seem counterintuitive to a blog called WordPress… as the old saying goes a photo says a thousand words and my minimotions multiply that tenfold. First up some flora from my mom’s magic garden. I have been blessed all these years with her green thumb wizardry, a …

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Q: Do I wish I could reverse time?  A: No.  Time is what happens to us, life changes, our friends change, our family changes, our planet changes, everything we know changes. This is what life is, a process of change, a movement, a dance, a song, a painting, a leaf that turns orange, a slow …

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the journey

life’s journey flashes in minds eye as the pigment hits the blank canvas do I try to immortalize a job that is forever while time has it’s own story to tell. fotoMahaloness 3 self PPF subject based on a lady I saw on a tram car one day. ink on paper c.2006 architectural self (sacred …

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Stay on course

Time is ticking ticking ticking Fotomahaloness -do what you love, what makes you tick. Painting collage various mediums, all mahaloness. What are you waiting for. support me please Many lifetimes of mahaloness to you

Doing well

Whatever you are doing, keep doing it, do it well and from the heart, balanced with mind. Do it consciously, work at it, be sharp, courageous, get it out there, one word, one mark one frame at a time. Be true to yourself for when you are in Mahaloness there is no such thing as …

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