no time zone

I have done my share of drifting in this lifetime, going to places that I have never been before, experiencing the unknown, observing and participating in rituals that strengthen character and connection to this place called home. fotoMahaloness moments in spacetime and experiences in peace of mind. doing live art at Entheos festival BC a …

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sky moment #111203

everyone take a moment and look up and give thanks for what is good in this world. fotoMahaloness -the sky in fall in Alberta in Canada in North America, on Mother Earth, in spacetime and a cobalt teal moment with the buddha of Mahaloness


Todays Mahaloness is brought to you by the number 23. fotoMahaloness -paintaverse discoveries made while out on creative explorations. Color theory alone does not explain these discoveries and much further research is required. Color is my first language, the multitude of color combinations I have discovered in the lab is astonishing, and I simply cannot …

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Dammit Jim I am an artist not a mathematician! foto’Mahaloness -fractions in creative spacetime explorations Also this blog is dedicated to my friends, family and loved ones, and to all my fellow human beings who are living in this lifetime and doing the good work, Mahaloness think rainbow… poor little buddy, wait it isn’t real! …

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HeArt in space. Fotomahaloness -space heArt conceptual digital graffiti, art show on mars anyone? Help me realize my space art dream, donations accepted. Please check out my Saatchi online gallery. treat yourself to one or many artworks and prints available, or leave a message, thank you, merci

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