Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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eyes open

Does art create the landscape, or does the landscape create the art? I woke up to this thought after a dream that was more real than real. Maybe it was the day before and seeing a loved one go into a completely vulnerable and helpless state. Maybe it is the confusion of the world, and the deterioration of humanity looming overhead as a giant mass of grey and gloom. However I remain aware that the behind the grey, the sky is blue, and the sun is shining. Life moves in ripples, waves travelling from far off places, some predictable, while others catching me by surprise. I know that I can’t always get the words right, to describe what’s happening, to make sense of a landscape that vanishes under a thick veil of fog. A kingfisher creates loud short shrieking sounds that wake me up to the moment, no mind, nothing; halfway. The fog lifts and the landscape appears, the same as what I remember, but different from the last moment it was visible. Resembling a loved one, the same person I have known my whole life, yet different from the day before, and the the day before that. Seasons change. People change, same spirit, life goes on. I look far into distance, the more I see the more I don’t see. I imagine all the people who are seeing what I am seeing, feeling what I am feeling. Do they see the same clouds, and the crack of light that breaks the horizon? I say to myself, the sun will shine again, the creation of the landscape of what’s to come. Mother Earth shows me the way, the fog dissipates, the child within smiles bright, the shadows in my head disappear, half way.

Thank for reading, it has been a bit since getting the chance to sit and write. Perhaps this is a new chapter, new ideas, new thoughts, and opening up of the vault kept private and protected. I may not have all the right words, they’ll come, slowly, and patiently. 

And now a minicine (mini cinema, which is longer versions of my minimotions, which are one minute in length) It is titled ‘water bombers’ with soundscape ‘hälts first day on the accordian’. I am happy to say I will be increasing my production value, which includes sound, creating title sequences and so on, this gets my fire going, winter will not bee boring. Ands now, water bombers…

There was a man who was a restless spirit. A Nomad travelling in sync with the landscape’s song.


fog dissipating

In the garden…

the last rose
at night
the last queen

In the garage make shift art studio.

winter prep
a collaboration between myself and my mom
recently I picked up my painting SLO, back to work I will go….

Outside explarations…

creating in landscape, but who makes who?


Keep on

Thank you for following or reading my blogs, in a month I went from 25 readers to over 300, I enjoy writing as much as painting, it is a good feeling sharing the experience with you all. Keep up the good work out there, and yes there will be more entries. Yesterday was a bit of a tough day, when I heard about the dolphins found dread or dying along the coast of Peru, it made me very upset, upset that these kinds of things go on. It tested the Mahaloness, it made me question things, and momentarily pulled me away from my gift, which is making and sharing art, words and Mahaloness. Perhaps we all have had a hand in it, perhaps we have all made the world what it is, and this is true if we are all connected. Don’t give up. No matter what, do. Don’t give up hope, do not give up doing the good work, and carry on. Raise your head, look up, be more on. Believe in yourself, there will be another day, a day of greatness, your shining, your Mahaloness. If the morons who run our governments make poor choices, than make good choices that offset those choices. Don’t give up on me don’t give up on you. If the world seems sad like the story of the dolphins in Peru, don’t give up. Give the ocean some love, send the a kiss, blow a kiss, send a hug, a positive thought and keep on doing this. When things seem strange, go to the light, the light that is in your heart, let it shine and send out that light. Don’t give up. In that darkest moment remember the light, remember you are love and you are loved. Be patient don’t complain, don’t send out those thoughts, send out the good vibes, the love and remind yourself that you are great, that Mahaloness flows through you and you are capable of anything you set out to be. Go, keep on, dance, sing, write, paint, be thankful. Be grateful. Be in rhythm with the Mother Earths song, no matter what. Keep on.