Fire in the sky

The fire in the sky burns bright the fire in my belly burns like a stove and no one can take that away as I see this journey through. fotoMahaloness images to go with poem, as above so below. art made by hälts, aka Ha Image and word content protected under copyright all rights reserved

sky moment #111203

everyone take a moment and look up and give thanks for what is good in this world. fotoMahaloness -the sky in fall in Alberta in Canada in North America, on Mother Earth, in spacetime and a cobalt teal moment with the buddha of Mahaloness


There are three things in the first fotoMahaloness section that I love: painting, windsurfing, and my parents home, Molly’s Garden, nestled in the Windermere Valley B.C., Canada. A real gem of a place, blessed. The hummingbirds speak to one another here, the bees hug flowers collecting the pollen, and in the sky above osprey dive …

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Upside down right side up

Right side up Upside down The world spins round the round. -thought pulled from the air Fotomahaloness -life moments when I remember to look up and all around. For my friends around the world, this is the perfect place to share the wealth. Mahaloness to Mother Earth.

Open space

The elements that I find myself in shape my perceptions. The open prairie is one of those places where thoughts are not obstructed by skyscrapers filled with steel. It is here where the prairie wind migrates west creating beautiful vistas and something I cherish, open space. The last image is the White Tara painting, it …

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