Big Ha

fotoMahaloness This is an image of my mural art on a magic bus, it represents Big Ha, fashioned after a Chief in the Siksika Nation (near Cluny Alberta) who knew my grandfather. They shared a mutual respect for one another and enjoyed hunting and trading goods with each other. I never had the chance to …

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the Shaman

This is a quintessential example of my abstract work. Following a trip to NYC I wanted to make a painting that expressed the feeling the city gave me, this is what I came out of me. acrylic on panel 24×48 in. c.2008 Ltd. Ed. Prints avail. for sale, upon request.

lost touch

I came across this excerpt in Ernst Haeckel’s ‘Art Forms in Nature’ (Prestel Publishing Ltd.) p.17-18 (Olaf Breidbach—Brief Instructions to Viewing Haeckel’s Pictures). It is a question I have in my head all the time, when did we as a species lose contact? Perhaps this is a clue to that question. By these means Haeckel …

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The Shaman

The Shaman. I am a white overtone wizard according to the Mayans, I am a magician, and notnone that creates magic, instead I channel magic, when I am in tune with my heart. I made this painting following a year of shamanistic painting ritual, where I physically travelled to scared places and also explored the …

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