Lifetime of Love

A lifetime without Love is of no account Love is the Water of Life Drink it down with heart and soul. -Rumi fotoMahaloness Be with Nature        My art is an expression of my true nature. (In the studio) c.2015   

Natural Rhythm

on Observing Nature tapping into source finding rhythm be like water flow fotoMahaloness tuning into Nature        Nature is mysterious     Molly’s Garden Nature   going with the flow (fineline surfboard, so so sweet)      Mana drawing (808) test animation  Made on Maui, tapping the source c.2012   Thank you Earth 

modern Cave ART

I am one river flowing into an infinite ocean of consciousness.  fotoMahaloness Coming soon….. digital collage (analog to digital poster art concept) c.2015    Please vote for my art and help get it to Europe! Please Click here, Mahaloness!


Mahaloness started out as a way for me to share my art and explorations with those of you sharing space on this wondrous planet. I can honestly say the journey has been a good one, with a little bit of everything along the way. In the last couple of months I have been sharing moments …

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good flow

there is much to learn from observing water, whether that is sitting next to a river, a stream or the ocean, water is a powerful teacher and clearly a life force we ought to cherish. fotoMahaloness water moments 1 thru 4 hälts art shop here

River flow

Creativity gives ‘the anger of it all’ a channel to express and use that energy in a meaningful, purposeful way. -love and compassion Fotomahaloness – processional of creative activity and examples of unexpected discoveries along the way. Creativity enacts freedom. Help support my art here thank you.

River wolf and! Fotofeature ‘grip art’ by hälts

The wolf sits in the forest, silent, watching humans chase each other around in boats. ‘What is this strange dance?’, wonders the wolf. Eagle soars overhead as clouds ripple and swirl forming symbols one into another, after another. The sun rises, new beams reaching her soft skin, Earth mother changing as seasons change, we are …

River wolf and! Fotofeature ‘grip art’ by hälts Read More »

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