red eye

This is a test short. I was working with a few different ideas separately that came together, seemingly on its own accord. Shot on an iPhone, and using some innovations in technology and editing software. At the heart is the soul of the human. The concept is of a man who appears to be in …

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 A hälts minimotion featruing the annals of hälts art history reflecting my humanity and a little bit about my process. It features a layering of clips including my moms rose garden, a bc eagle in its natural habitat, hälts painting a mural, and a layer of ritual. There is a metaphor or three in there.  …

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Life is like an ocean, always in flux and yet the same.  📽 hälts minimotion  ☎️ new hälts minimotion ‘red’ with soundscape ‘the renaissance’ featuring some footage I managed to gather at work today and some footage from tonight’s paint sesshin with ‘hearts will’, getting the red out, to balance the blue. fotoMahaloness  present and …

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found an arrowhead

surfing is art fotoMahaloness I am told that the man who shapes these fine surfboards has a fascination with arrowheads, it certainly rides similar to what I imagine an arrowhead would ride like. fineline surfboards link artist tip of the week: surf as much as possible

Red tidfacto

Red. Stone is Ruby Metal is iron Musical note is “C” Prevailing in herbs, clouded lights, glass and Golden fluids acrylic paint, and so on… Cheerfulness Stimulation Excitement STOP Spirit Blood passion when seen in aura and as well as fighting spirit Incendiarism Cures state of paralysis, emotional reaction a precursor, red! Stimulates body and …

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