I was parked at a mountain trail and this raven came over for a visit. I just so happened to have picked up a new lens and was doing a timelapse test when the raven flew over and landed on my car. It proceeded to speak to me in strange tongues, while performing intermittent dances. …

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Someone said to me that we live in strange times. Funny though, when weren’t the times strange? It is easy to romanticise about the good old days. When you really look at the past there has been strangeness all along. We have fought in many many wars. We have experienced pandemics and plagues that wiped …

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a short break

Mahaloness will be taking a short break, be back next week, as the crow flies. …until than be well my friends. fotoMahaloness -a rather bird heavy fotoMahaloness, from the archives featuring hälts art: paintings, digifoto and doodles super bueno

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