I was parked at a mountain trail and this raven came over for a visit. I just so happened to have picked up a new lens and was doing a timelapse test when the raven flew over and landed on my car. It proceeded to speak to me in strange tongues, while performing intermittent dances. …

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be like watercolour

Mindfullness does not attach to a thought, when in full sail one does not drop anchor. fotoMahaloness It has been sometime when I just painted for the sake of painting, no reason, no excuses, just plain and simple exercsing my right to expression and tapping into the unlimited fuel called imagination.                My heart and …

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sacred company in the shadows who guide those lost in the dark night of the soul. fotoMahaloness Ink on paper c.2015 Great Spirit, Creator, please watch over my friend Scotty and his fmaily. Scotty’s Portrait c.2015 Well it may not be Time Magazine or the Rolling Stone, however I did get an interview with a …

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inside a dream

be your own trip fotoMahaloness inside a dream digital art c.2013 intermission fury friend pedro doing bunnyoga, he hangs out just outside my studio window during the daytime, where we see each other eye to eye. order your very own custom ‘inside a dream’ tshirt here


If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to a man as it is: infinte. -William Blake, Deadman link to quotes from Deadman IMDb fotoMahaloness This is another of my famous person portraits, which I also refer to as my painter paparazzi series. I enjoy painting people who are passionate and dedicated to …

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painter mind

I treat every thing I make as a unique beautiful entity that demands my full attention. I am open to all mediums, all genres, all surfaces, and all materials. I let my curiosity and intuition guide me and in my experience this can open up a lot room for fantastic possibilities. fotoMahaloness paint for poncho …

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