carry on 

I am most likely going to stumble with my words here a bit….with that said I will attempt to blog it up. I have been through what I can only discribe as an early winter near death experience. Now I realize death is a strong word. Many humans I have met in the course of …

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This is a story of a man who was set free, and who is know on a voyage of self discovery and peace. Following years of trials and tribulations he never gave up, there were close calls, there were some deep troughs, he always pulled through. It is in his journey that he discovered there …

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virtual walk through

fotoMahaloness Virtual exploration, it is interesting that something so new relies on the old. Quietly the road slithers into the forest. trust in the path less travelled. you never know what you will run into. (a painting called buddhabear, painted following a grizzly encounter) prints available here sometimes my passion pushes the limits of my …

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Paint Pilgrimage

And now a Mahaloness refresher, both in word and with some foto. This blog is dedicated primarily to information sharing. The information I am sharing is my life’s work consisting of artistic explorations and my art pilgrimage through word and foto. By definition I am part contemporary visual artist and visionary. Definition of visionary, pulled …

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