The Shaman

The Shaman. I am a white overtone wizard according to the Mayans, I am a magician, and notnone that creates magic, instead I channel magic, when I am in tune with my heart. I made this painting following a year of shamanistic painting ritual, where I physically travelled to scared places and also explored the …

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Ancient Newness

Ancient Newness, the ancient story tellers set a lot of what we see today into motion. Early cave paintings using sophisticated imagery which according to Werner Herzog, was the early beginnings of cinema, moving picture. I recommend ‘Cave of Forgotten Dreams’, a documentary by Werner Herzog. Over time the stories have evolved and today we …

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The wolf is my spirit totem animal. When I am traveling, no matter where I find myself, the wolf is with me, by my side, and when I am in tune with the wolf I am in line with nature. Ever since I can remember I have exhibited wolf like tendencies, I even have wolf …

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