I have been a little MIA lately, I suppose I have lots going on in my life. And really…..who doesn’t. So now that we’ve got that out of the way, lets get on with it. The last couple months have flown by. Ups, downs, sideways, upside down, around, twisted, sadness, happiness, and loneliness. Love came, …

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alter, shrines and a few random bits of awesome

to me there is no argument, commodification of art alters the authenticity of the message. fotoMahaloness -from my tiny studio to Mexico, alters and shrines 3 magic random bits for your personal enjoyment get lost in Paintaverse no. 26573 Super Gracias hälts art painting timelapse video experience on Vimeo, click here por favor bonus fotoMahaloness …

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endless mystery

there is something that happens to you when you decide to see. fotoMahaloness this is my analog to digital art, it is titled ‘ditch the rational and dive into paintaverse no. 34688259’ (c.2014)the studio these days, always in flux click here to see hälts art gallery super gracias when lost find art.


what you put into you will effect the work you do. fotoMahaloness There is something really satisfying about eating food you grew in your own garden. Although you would think all I eat is paint, the greens will ensure creative explorations will continue for a very long time.


fotoMahaloness -3 things that warm my heart: coffee, discovering new paintaverses, and retreats to BC Canada. Check more of my art at Mahaloness Just a thought: I have never lost my wonder about this world, when I have please bury me with a bottle of Cobalt teal.

Born to paint

Born to paint Curiosity my vehicle Anything possible Many marks made No claim to fame Putting ancient tongues into practice Guided only by my faith Left behind a painted road that tells my story No more no less important to yours Moments sacrificed for the sake of the document This is a painters life. fotoMahaloness …

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Textures discovered while on painterly explorations. Fotomahaloness -a history of layers, painter’s language, artisan craftsmanship, from ancient methods to ones that I have discovered through constant practice.

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