eagle inside out

Life in constant flux, moments flavoured by emotion and thought. It is in these moments I look to Nature. It is Nature that reminds me that there is nothing to hold onto, let feelings come and go, let thoughts come and go, natural mind. The sky does not hold onto clouds, they appear and disappear. …

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seasons change

In this part of the world the seasons change. As winter loosens its grip, the snow melts and the landscape turns from white to brown. You can almost hear the trees getting excited as they awake from their dormancy, and birds also seem to be quite  psyched.  fotoMahaloness all fotos from recent sojourns to BC …

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touch earth

To make a path one has to be the path touch the earth be earth touch the dirt be dirt touch the stone  be stone. fotoMahaloness        ‘hälts BC’ minimotion picture show with sound     Remember to look up my friends, whatever you have been through, or are going through, you are not alone, and …

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drala in BC

 Although the sun is always in the sky, what is it that causes you to look up and see that it is there? Although magic is always available, what allows you to discover it? The basic definition of drala is “energy beyond aggression.” The only way to contact that energy is to experience a gentle …

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BC magica

Following a busy couple of months hälts the artist behind the art and fotos you see here on Mahaloness decided it was best to head west and spend time in his second home, where the elders live, Windermere BC, East Kootenay. I see the valley as a continuously morphing painting, each time I look, something …

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outside bird watches from the tip of a spruce tree pssssssss pssss psssss fotoMahaloness -outside sesshin and back into studio Mahaloness, where creativity flows shared with many friends, fellow humans, many thanks to you all.

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