peace talks

fotoMahaloness -‘Are you a believer?’ This is the 5th Obama painting in a series of five covering Obama’s presidency and what I like to call a paintamentary. I also referenced Picasso here with the white Dove, even though behind the lips a soldier takes aim. Also the tiles on the lower right corner are from …

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one and five

fotoMahaloness -Obama ‘Are you a Believer?’ number one and five, a paintamentary following the Obama years. Acrylic on Canvas The first Obama painting can be ordered as a print from Saatchi, it is easy and affordable way to own my art, go to the link here Mahaloness

Painters glow

I love painting as much as I love Bowness. You will only understand the later half if you are from Calgary, and you either live or spend time in Bowness. This image is from many many moons ago, and in typical fashion I am seen painting on the floor, usually until I lost the feeling …

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Conditions being favorable along with a relentless appetite for creative process and exploratory gusto, do I return with yet another installment, number 314 of the Mahaloness blog. Grammatically I can be scary, and yes one might say at times I am even ‘moody’ (theres probably more than one)…well without losing my precious readers due to …

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