Life has been moving quickly, creative flow is at peak velocity. As I near my next art exhibition I begin to finalize paintings and get everything organized and ready. What keeps me sane in times like these is a backyard garden, deep breaths, a really supportive partner, family and friends. To all those people thank …

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lost touch

I came across this excerpt in Ernst Haeckel’s ‘Art Forms in Nature’ (Prestel Publishing Ltd.) p.17-18 (Olaf Breidbach—Brief Instructions to Viewing Haeckel’s Pictures). It is a question I have in my head all the time, when did we as a species lose contact? Perhaps this is a clue to that question. By these means Haeckel …

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observe Nature

When I observe Nature I often wonder how long the beauty will last. Perhaps this is why I have spent years documenting it’s seemingly endless magic. It also might be entirely possible that this is how future generations will see nature, through artificial means only, this is something to think about. fotoMahaloness -beauties that give …

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I went to a lake with my best friend She had never seen a bald eagle soar Nor bear witness to an osprey’s dive Near the water’s edge did we see All of this And even a hummingbird golden eagle and a blue heron a pair no less! fotoMahaloness -birdslife naturally, as above so below. …

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Fotomahaloness – naturally with blast of green. Thank you Mother Earth. Oh and if anyone out there would like to help get my art up on a billboard in New York go to this link click me Mahaloness

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