Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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Let’s set the tone with a hälts minimotion, motion picture experiments and quirky soundscapes, this one I did play on the accordion that I found buried in a closet, resurrected and definitely not perfected.

The end is near, it is always near, omnipresent although never quite certain exactly where it is, or when it will be. It cannot be denied, nor can be it be undone. Perhaps I have been on its precipice without knowing, however I have always thought it is not my time. Time is precious. the end has an ally, for time cannot be regained, once past, it is gone. Still though there is a lingering feeling, a feeling of loss, and sentimentality. Like a ghost it is there yet unseen. Can one even see a feeling? I have heard from wise ones that there are certain memories that never go away, but perhaps they get more bearable with time.

nirodha (cessation, ending) of this dukkha can be attained by eliminating all “craving, desire, and attachment” [7][8]    -Wikipedia guru

Now a lot of pictures of flowers taken in my moms garden, hard work is her secret weapon. I do believe a garden painting is highly probable. Currently I am still trying to make sense of the confusion, and where to go from here. I don’t believe in moving forward, it solves nothing, and is nothing more than another form of ignorance. There is only the present moment, the rest is a game, a theatre, a web of confusion. I am curious what would happen if we averaged out all the opinions on Earth, what would the outcome be? And really random, but perhaps still fitting, I wonder if a computer or AI took over, or has it already….would it have a preference for a certain philosophy, religion, movement, or would it find an average of all and create some kind of super power philosophy/religion that no human could debunk, or argue with, and opinions would just slip off its surface. Where do opinions originate from? So may questions so little time left, for the end is nigh, but is it? Even the thought of writing an ending is tough task…an ending to someone is a beginning to someone else. And as the Kurt Vonnegut epitaph goes, ‘So it goes’. (Slaughterhouse-Five)


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minimal words

Humans are struggling at the moment, it will be interesting to see how things play out in this game of life.


Minimal words today, so much to say however there is other work to be done….future blogs coming, thank you for your patience. For now here is a story in pictures.


golden eagle


chasing eagles is my other passion


silly human…


perhaps this eagle was someone I once knew… maybe deep down I want to be an eagle in my next lifetime. 


…and soar wherever my wings will take me



mystery scat, possibly mountain lion, could be bear…


classic bear scat… likely a black bear


autumn flora


night flora


painting with light


night flag


late late summer dance

Life’s a funny the thing. The things I said back then, that mostly fell on deaf ears, or were difficult to hear, or read, or understand… that not only did they come into some form of fruition, they became part of the vernacular.

A road less travelled, however travelled.



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The Tara painting part 4

This is part 4 of my ‘painting a tara’ timelapse series, featuring me in the studio working my magic on my latest Tibetan inspired White Tara painting. Following my university days I began to explore Eastern Philosophy and meditation. It has been a lifelong interest of mine. Many of the breathing practices I apply to my meditation also make their way into my painting sesshins, as I like to call them. Each brush stroke becomes a breath and that way I am putting my full energy into each mark I make, while allowing my body to feel loose and limber. Although this may not be the fastest way to make art, it does translate into beautiful healing paintings. Please enjoy part 4, simply go to the link. The music in the video is a recording of me playing my moms electric piano and further developed in Garageband. It also features my own sampled recordings and a few basic synth sounds just to give it a nice blanket effect. Enjoy.

Link: Painting a Tara Part 4

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Phutureprimitive equals Mahaloness

Phutureprimitive soundlcoud link and Mahaloness teamed up last night, art and sound, in a wonderful room filled with good vibes, beautiful souls, good flow, smiles all around. A special thanks and many lifetimes of mahaloness go out to Evolve[-]d productions who put together really great events, which I am grateful to be a part of. I did quite a bit of body and face painting throughout the evening, the theme that seems to resinate is transformation. Three elements that remedy the human condition, without a doubt in my mind are: art, music and dance. The act of painting on the human body continues to show me that art has the capacity to heal, to reinvigorate mind, body and spirit. Merging primitive culture with modern living may hold the key to a healthy and happy future.
Fotomahaloness -painted faces, hands, and heArt space









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Dancing Mahaloness equals yum

The Mahaloness equation just keeps growing, and what would the world be without dancing? It is a gateway to creative flow when inside process and out. When outside process dancing is a great way To let it go, let the DJ with the disco ball cape offer a channel, dimension, and with clear mind, let loose, lead follow side by side and embrace the moment with all your heart. You can dance walk, walk down a street and add some dance steps, solo dance, dance with people, dance with your cat, let it go and enjoy a dance, it is a meditation, cathartic activation. Be a tree dancing with the wind, swaying and let the energy carry all thoughts away.The tree of Mahaloness is deep, roots into the subterranean, trunk reaching high to the sky, leaves breathing, all at once grounded and connected to the sky. Dancing is like a stick person it has been around since the beginning of this thing we call time. If you forget to dance you forget to be human, and in the opinion of this author if you forget to be human, you forget your inner light, your lighthouse for the world around you, and will find yourself alone. Just remember that the Mahaloness is always going to be your friend, by your side, inside, outside.
Foto: Pregnant succulent, at the most giving point of her life, the little ones can be seen those the offspring, and so she may thrive. A Lilikoi, yum, and a picture says a thousand words. Mahaloness





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Play. Whatever you are doing, play. Play in your sleep. Play with eyes closed. Play free. Play in your dreams. Play music. Play guitar. Play something you only dreamt of before. Play open that door, walk outside, jump up and soar. You want to be Mahaloness, play to the hearts rhythm, let it flow and free your constitution. Play. Play to your hearts content. Play, open mind, let the inhibitions go, explore the child that made you who you are. Play!





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Mahaloness goes to Lukas and Willy!

Last night in Paia the next generation Nelson, Lukas Nelson, son of Willy, played beautifully to a full room backed by an amazing band made one, sharing their gift of sound sent waves, heart to heart, resonating Mahaloness, charging the souls of many, one love. For his part in doing the good work and also extended to Willy, Lukas was presented with the Lifetime Mahaloness Achievement award Rainbow painting. The antithesis to Kony, Mahaloness is the positive impacts made in this lifetime lived that are the change we want to be, a planet unified, void of finger pointing and controversy. The good work associated with Mahaloness benefits the world, humanity and produces waves that give peace of mind, and amplify the spirit of being well. Keep up the good work Lukas! Willy and I have a common thread with a recent auction that raised funds for the Achuar people of the Peruvian Amazon to travel and share their song to the world. A very reliable source who was in attendance last night, Mark, and who was a roadie with Willy back in the day, said this, “Willy came up to every hand that helped set up the show, shook their hands and said thank you for being part of the show” he also went on to say that out of all the bands he had worked with over 15 years Willy was the only one to exhibit Mahaloness. For the record I’d like to add Lukas to that short list and perhaps those out there who forgot to extend a thank you, it is never too late. I would like to add that this award is ongoing and extends to all the folks out there in the known universe who are benefiting humanity and this planet.