Mother Nature


This has been life lately, living in a time of perceived crisis, wondering how we fair through this storm. More posts coming, I am still at a loss for words, except take care of your elders, and stay well.

BC magica

I am forever grateful for these moments, they seep deep into my soul and both, humble and inspire me. Being with Nature I have no choice but to be in a state of awareness, as the hustle of modern life loosens its grip. fotoMahaloness precious moments steeped in B.C.’s soul  


Mother Nature paid us a visit, 100 year flood, evacuated from my home, thankfully many have reached out, Mahaloness will be taking a bit of a time out. Be safe and well wherever you are. Thank you to all who have helped out, very Mahaloness. fotoMahaloness -images captured prior to the crest of the flood …

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Patterns. Patterns in the weave, one string leaving remnants of what was while adding to the what is. Patterns, weather shifting, Mother Nature’s song being rewritten. Patterns, full circle, deja vu. Quantum mechanics, thermo dynamics, so many trying to break on through. Patterns, behavioral manifestations unique to one while contributing to the weave of the …

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