soul medicine

life offers joy life brings pain life brings surprises and sometimes disdain no matter what may come there will be hälts  making art.  fotoMahaloness                 and a hälts ART minimotion picture show called ‘cultural calamity’  for otherside zine. 

bear animal medicine

Throughout my short life I have experienced many animal encounters, most recently a black bear, k’a, or Ursus americanus, who reminds me to ready myself for the winter season ahead. fotoMahaloness Bear visitation experiences tend to inform my artwork, I will happily share the messages these beautiful beings bring me. Buddhabear c.2012 (painted following a …

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thought meanderings

thought meanderings 1-4 no. 1 Woven tapestry infinite as far as eyes can see beautiful upon first glance look closely there are holes. Historical reminders of the human companion named, sorrow. <;;ancient soul howls to lady moon a fire crackles illuminating dark times. as young sorrow breeds passion action and when aligned with heart does …

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