make a mile brah 

 Make a mile  make another painting fotoMahaloness Moments from the ether, hand painting getting ready for body painting, creative explorations, never a dull moment.         order your very own cosmic turtle tee shirt from the Mahaloness store, click here and thank you  available as a very fine print. Creator mural minimotion picture show by hälts on …

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Natural Rhythm

on Observing Nature tapping into source finding rhythm be like water flow fotoMahaloness tuning into Nature        Nature is mysterious     Molly’s Garden Nature   going with the flow (fineline surfboard, so so sweet)      Mana drawing (808) test animation  Made on Maui, tapping the source c.2012   Thank you Earth 

looking both ways

looking both ways dissolving the barriers to other worlds.  fotoMahaloness looking bothways analog to digital art (Original artwork made on Maui in 2012, Mana sesshins) c.2015  in between art and life gardens keep me connected to the magic of life       my studio in flow, always changing and a place where my spirit roams  Thank you …

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