alter, shrines and a few random bits of awesome

to me there is no argument, commodification of art alters the authenticity of the message. fotoMahaloness -from my tiny studio to Mexico, alters and shrines 3 magic random bits for your personal enjoyment get lost in Paintaverse no. 26573 Super Gracias hälts art painting timelapse video experience on Vimeo, click here por favor bonus fotoMahaloness …

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Lost Art

This post features my most recent art show ‘Lost Art Exhibit’. I have put together a nice collection of new work including: paintings (acrylic and watercolours), fotos, wearable art and drawings. The show is running in Calgary at Essentia Mattress Store showroom until the first week of Septmeber. ‘Lost Art’ refers to the marginalization of …

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lost touch

I came across this excerpt in Ernst Haeckel’s ‘Art Forms in Nature’ (Prestel Publishing Ltd.) p.17-18 (Olaf Breidbach—Brief Instructions to Viewing Haeckel’s Pictures). It is a question I have in my head all the time, when did we as a species lose contact? Perhaps this is a clue to that question. By these means Haeckel …

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