Gratitude, love and respect flow through my brush, onto a piece of paper, so the story goes for this painter man. Softening the effects of life’s edge, and silencing the battle between good and evil. I try to be strong, sometimes it feels like a losing cause, this the doing of the doubting mind playing …

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Q: Do I wish I could reverse time?  A: No.  Time is what happens to us, life changes, our friends change, our family changes, our planet changes, everything we know changes. This is what life is, a process of change, a movement, a dance, a song, a painting, a leaf that turns orange, a slow …

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peace of mind

Goodbye 2016, it was memorable year, filled with joy and sorrow, and everything in between, many lessons, many rides, many coffees, and many marks were made. I was thinking of filling this post with art I have made in the last year, and than I decided to make this video, perhaps I will do a …

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drala in BC

 Although the sun is always in the sky, what is it that causes you to look up and see that it is there? Although magic is always available, what allows you to discover it? The basic definition of drala is “energy beyond aggression.” The only way to contact that energy is to experience a gentle …

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BC magica

Following a busy couple of months hälts the artist behind the art and fotos you see here on Mahaloness decided it was best to head west and spend time in his second home, where the elders live, Windermere BC, East Kootenay. I see the valley as a continuously morphing painting, each time I look, something …

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BC magica

I am forever grateful for these moments, they seep deep into my soul and both, humble and inspire me. Being with Nature I have no choice but to be in a state of awareness, as the hustle of modern life loosens its grip. fotoMahaloness precious moments steeped in B.C.’s soul  

2 landscapes

when I paint landscapes I become one with that which I paint. fotoMahaloness The desert painting (commission work) acrylic on canvas c. 2014 the lake painting acrylic in wood panel (commission work) c.2012 hälts art store


As I paint a desert next to a lake I wonder about the fate of this magical place. fotoMahaloness -a summer bliss offering of flowers painted in golden sunlight The desert painting in process The desert painting is really taking shape Hello Mr. Raven Om Namo Sivaya

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