new myths 

A myth can transcend space time only when it is appropriate to the time. Life is changing so fast the myth doesn’t have enough time to experience metamorphosis, and subsequently is lost. In realizing this, it is than of outmost necessity to revivify the myth.  Q: What is good and what is bad in life?  …

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peace of mind

Goodbye 2016, it was memorable year, filled with joy and sorrow, and everything in between, many lessons, many rides, many coffees, and many marks were made. I was thinking of filling this post with art I have made in the last year, and than I decided to make this video, perhaps I will do a …

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hälts live 

In recent art sojourns hälts has been immersed in a state of fulfillment as paint flows from his brush and spending time in the public eye, doing his art live, sharing the inspiration, meeting strangers, and keeping the Mahaloness vibe alive. It is clear as day that the journey must continue, perhaps now more than …

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I am light

I am light, I am sun, I am love, I am joy, I am here in the moment, what will happen, will happen, what will be will be, and that is Mahaloness and this mantra sets me free.

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