Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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eagle inside out

Life in constant flux, moments flavoured by emotion and thought. It is in these moments I look to Nature. It is Nature that reminds me that there is nothing to hold onto, let feelings come and go, let thoughts come and go, natural mind. The sky does not hold onto clouds, they appear and disappear. When I look for the eagle I do not see the eagle. When I search for the answer I do not discover the truth. There is the fear that comes with LETTING GO, this is just a thought. I will see a different cloud than you, and yet we share the same experience of seeing a cloud, knowing it is a cloud, that comes, and goes.

on a side note Diane, the trees here are starting to wake up…

And now a minimotion short documentary style with dramatic accents titled, ‘inside out’.

Eagles come and go, so do pandemics.

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inside out

The days are getting shorter, I am getting older, and there are many paintings to finish. Recently I have dove head first into the abstract expressionism, as I have some things I need to express. This is where I started, abstract, black and white, which I was exposed to by the likes of Franz Kline and the New York School of Abstract. I related to their work and began to study their work in books, on the Internet, and museum visits in New York. At times there is a conflict inside of me between the rational and irrational, black and white, similar to an ocean, it is dynamic, always in flux. There is emotion that as a man often times gets blocked out of the necessity to survive the day to day, and the need to keep it together in real life. Even in the studio I am often concentrating on specific artwork and subject matter. I have developed a tendency to block my personal life from my work. In some ways I lose myself in my work and forget about the life stuff that weighs on my shoulders. I decided recently to challenge that rule, and let some of that stuff out. This is the content for my new minimotion which offers a glimpse into the beginning of an expressive painting. I hope you will enjoy it. 


‘b&w’ with soundtrack ‘working out some stuff’ featuring a expression sesshin in the studio recently, a painting on recycled cardboard as my substrate, which is a metaphor as much as an environmental choice, painting yet to be titled🕶 

This video doesn’t exist

​untitled WIP in hälts studio fort 

‘desert dweller’ a hybrid artwork combining my WIP painting ‘SLO’ and a painting titled ‘pirate’s oasis’ 

‘forest wolf’ a painting WIP started out as a live painting that I have now been working on in the studio. I introduced a subject similar to one from a mural called ‘Creator’ see below for that reference. 

This is my mural called ‘Creator’ made a couple years ago, I decided to incorporate a similar sunpbject into my new painting above. 


Inside Sesshin

Sesshin- touching the heart-mind, intensive Zen meditation, here it refers to intensive paint meditation that is being in Mahaloness.
So why do I spend the majority of my life making paintings? That’s easy. I love to paint. Painting is a way of healing, it is a way to pass on age old wisdom, it can move a person, it is meditation, it has the capacity to create new feelings, it can be political or it can be silly. I know when I create I am exercising my freedom, which is being challenged every day by the powers that be, or by even public opinion. I live in a country where I still have the freedom to think for myself, and to express from within without facing persecution, that is as long as it is in accordance with legal parameters. So even though I have the freedom to express I also know that I am still limited in terms of outlets. This is something I have had to learn to work with. Over the years I have painted in as many conditions, both legal and otherwise, from the conventional to the the totally absurd.I have an insatiable appetite for creativity, it is relentless, it has been known to consume me. I look forward to that day when I can sit and breathe and maybe that’s when I can feel okay with the world I live in. I am one to follow my dreams, or perhaps better put, I am one to craft my dreams and allow the light of day to work its magic and reveal those dreams to you. If this is confusing or my thoughts seem all around, I can assure you this moment is profound, profound to me as I sit here in a basement and explore the inside.
FotoMahaloness -a recent commission Sesshin















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With as few words as possible I will say I am inspired my light, the one that burns inside, and whenever I look outside I see that light, even when ominous clouds loom near, the light is what guides me through. There have been times when I nearly lost the light, lessons, and expeirences has taught me when awareness falters, bad shit happens, why deny what’s right there, burning bright, inside.