eagle inside out

Life in constant flux, moments flavoured by emotion and thought. It is in these moments I look to Nature. It is Nature that reminds me that there is nothing to hold onto, let feelings come and go, let thoughts come and go, natural mind. The sky does not hold onto clouds, they appear and disappear. …

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inside out

The days are getting shorter, I am getting older, and there are many paintings to finish. Recently I have dove head first into the abstract expressionism, as I have some things I need to express. This is where I started, abstract, black and white, which I was exposed to by the likes of Franz Kline …

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Studio(s) Fotomahaloness -where the magic happens. To the one I love. Also special shout out to desert dwellers dd link got to paint jam with them, beautiful<;3 and a big mahaloness to evolved productions Calgary evolved link the last image was partially painted during the desert dwellers show, title: ancient newness: history revisioned

Inside Sesshin

Sesshin- touching the heart-mind, intensive Zen meditation, here it refers to intensive paint meditation that is being in Mahaloness. So why do I spend the majority of my life making paintings? That’s easy. I love to paint. Painting is a way of healing, it is a way to pass on age old wisdom, it can …

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With as few words as possible I will say I am inspired my light, the one that burns inside, and whenever I look outside I see that light, even when ominous clouds loom near, the light is what guides me through. There have been times when I nearly lost the light, lessons, and expeirences has …

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