The foundation of hälts art repertoire is drawing, it is something he has practiced for many years, with only a few hiatuses in his earlier years. Drawing transforms an idea into the blueprint, the base for which hälts builds his compositions. This is  a great way for artists to develop their style, and tap into …

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full circle

seeking the temple eternal walking the path amidst the illusion reaching oneness disrupted  thousandfold the search continues forsaken  nothing gone like wind only to return full circle.  fotoMahaloness a hälts minimotion picture show featuring ‘K-town bliss’ (jack rides his bicycle) c.2016 (soundscape by hälts) ​​​​​

soul medicine

life offers joy life brings pain life brings surprises and sometimes disdain no matter what may come there will be hälts  making art.  fotoMahaloness                 and a hälts ART minimotion picture show called ‘cultural calamity’  for otherside zine. 

make a mile brah 

 Make a mile  make another painting fotoMahaloness Moments from the ether, hand painting getting ready for body painting, creative explorations, never a dull moment.         order your very own cosmic turtle tee shirt from the Mahaloness store, click here and thank you  available as a very fine print. Creator mural minimotion picture show by hälts on …

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I am a fragment of my ancestors  who saw the veil for what it is who explored full spectrum consciouness  without a book or wikipedia.  fotoMahaloness Full Spectrum whirlwind powered fragmented doodles.     Express Yourself    

what it is

Art exploration involves getting past the blocks of the mind and surrendering to the act. The time it takes to learn will exponentially increase the more one desires to master the art. fotoMahaloness Lovechild acrylic on wood c.2012 studio painting ‘I have a dream’ acrylic on canvas c.2013 live painting for black history month (2 …

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