full spectrum consciousness portal mural

Guided Imagination a form of imagination that goes beyond what we normally understand by the word: in the anthropologist Anna-Leena Siikala’s phrase, it consists in ‘setting aside the critical faculty and allowing emotions, fantasies and images to surface into awareness’.  -David Lewis-Williams ‘The Mind in the Cave’ p.134-35 c.2002 Thames & Hudson Ltd. London fotoMahaloness …

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bee on the wall

I am a bee on the wall. (bee stencil art by hälts c.2014)  I am a man walking down the busy city street. (hälts street fotography Toronto c.2005)  I am the shadow in a quiet street. (shadow work, Paia town, Maui explorations c.2012)  I am the social experiment at a festival (Entheos …

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