flower power 

Somedays you just need to stop and smell the flowers, and this is exactly what hälts did.  fotoMahaloness Here are some fotos from hälts moms secret magic garden, it takes a lot of work, care and attention to maintain a garden, this has been a great lesson for hälts and inspires him to put that …

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seasons change

In this part of the world the seasons change. As winter loosens its grip, the snow melts and the landscape turns from white to brown. You can almost hear the trees getting excited as they awake from their dormancy, and birds also seem to be quite  psyched.  fotoMahaloness all fotos from recent sojourns to BC …

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the elders path…

‘the elders path…’   🐌 hälts ‘path’ minimotion continues… one step, one slice, one shovel at a time, all the meanwhile clouds be clouds and life be beautiful. (song: let’s see what’s  in that jungle) ​​

full circle

seeking the temple eternal walking the path amidst the illusion reaching oneness disrupted  thousandfold the search continues forsaken  nothing gone like wind only to return full circle.  fotoMahaloness a hälts minimotion picture show featuring ‘K-town bliss’ (jack rides his bicycle) c.2016 (soundscape by hälts) ​​​​​


Green Tara c.2013  Wondering if I have been wrong Did I do what I could of Feeling alone Looking outside for answers accepting defeat drowning sorrow  spirit retreats replaced with beautiful distractions that eventually fade  expansion and contraction thank you gracias merci! for the miracle  of the breath I have come to realize I am …

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