Yes it’s true I have endured and turned bullshit into a flourishing garden….as I continue to walk this planet I do so with dignity and with grace, thank you for all of it, for it makes me the beautiful human that I am. I once heard it’s easier to forgive an enemy than it is …

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in the current 

The sun is shining and hälts finds himself in the current of artistic process. The harvest time has been fruitful as hälts has been painting live at Calgary New Age Books and Crystals. It has been a real pleasure to share the creative process with friends and strangers alike providing hälts with new perspectives, as …

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fire within

there is a fire that burns within, which cannot be extinguished in this lifetime. fotoMahaloness -reenactment of the internal fire courtesy camp fire. my western translation of a tibetan tara based on a vision and painted for a friend in pain, this is a healing painting and embodies the fire element including a fire breathing …

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Franz Klined

When I started painting seriously I was really into the New York School and the Abstract Expressionist scene from the 50’s and 60’s. I really enjoyed researching the likes of Gorky, Hoffman, Franz Kline, Kandinsky, Rothko, Pollack, Barnett Newman, de Kooning and so on. I do consider myself to be connected to a similar flow …

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If there is one thing I have had no shortage of it would be studio space. Every one has it’s own feel and atmosphere, sometimes wide open, sometimes closed in. I spent nearly 3 months of my life in an old run down, yet still operational warehouse/industrial space in the middle of the prairie, during …

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River flow

Creativity gives ‘the anger of it all’ a channel to express and use that energy in a meaningful, purposeful way. -love and compassion Fotomahaloness – processional of creative activity and examples of unexpected discoveries along the way. Creativity enacts freedom. Help support my art here thank you.


When she looks up into a starry night, she dreams of somewhere else. Maybe when she looks up at space, she is in actuality looking deep into her own subconscious, the part that we know so little about, the infinite darkness studded with shimmering stars, planets, galaxies and wurly nebulas. FotoMahaloness features ‘Cosmic Girl’, a …

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