time travel 

To keep words to a minimum which perhaps might seem counterintuitive to a blog called WordPress… as the old saying goes a photo says a thousand words and my minimotions multiply that tenfold. First up some flora from my mom’s magic garden. I have been blessed all these years with her green thumb wizardry, a …

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an offering 

  As I travel through this unfamiliar land I begin to release the pressures that life brings, and the soul does sing. I am guided by an inner desire to explore this planet, always observing its changes, some subtle, some more extreme. Here in the coast I smell the the salty ocean air, sun kissed, …

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simple life (a Southern journey cont.)

Yes, waves are on my mind pretty much all the time, each new wave I ride a chance for my soul to reconnect with Mother Earth’s energy. fotoMahaloness -here I live a simple life; surfing, exploring, making art, and stopping to smell the flowers. simply a necessity, local coconuts surfboard amigos

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