far away eyes

Time disappears as my curiosity leaps out the window towards the village below. Wandering soul searching with far away eyes for a newness in a magical land whose history has never been properly told. As the wheels hit the tarmac mental state goes silent anticipating the journey to come. Been such a long long time …

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painter mind

I treat every thing I make as a unique beautiful entity that demands my full attention. I am open to all mediums, all genres, all surfaces, and all materials. I let my curiosity and intuition guide me and in my experience this can open up a lot room for fantastic possibilities. fotoMahaloness paint for poncho …

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through these eyes

through these eyes these artist eyes pouring soul into mixing bowls spreading colours in all dimensions from one paintaverse to another fotoMahaloness through a lens, through another lens and than back again. 8×10 in. watercolour ‘ancient eyes’ c.2014 Thank you.

ancient eyes

I often feel ancients eyes watching me when painting the mystic art. fotoMahaloness ancient eyes watercolour 8 x10 in. c.2013 if you like my art and you would be interested to buy an art print for that special someone, please go to this link. Mahaloness


fotoMahaloness -oh those city eyes, those city eyes. Painting: 12×12 in. Acrylic paint and various mediums in combination with a fotocopy transfer technique using my own bw street fotography from Toronto Canada circa 2007. Sold.

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