time travel 

To keep words to a minimum which perhaps might seem counterintuitive to a blog called WordPress… as the old saying goes a photo says a thousand words and my minimotions multiply that tenfold. First up some flora from my mom’s magic garden. I have been blessed all these years with her green thumb wizardry, a …

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multi tool 

​​​Lately most of my time has been allocated to drawing, painting and baking! whilst also working in the film industry from time to time. Drawing is a daily practice, this has been the case for as long as I can remember. These are spontaneous drawings mainly as an exercise to free up creative blocks and …

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The foundation of hälts art repertoire is drawing, it is something he has practiced for many years, with only a few hiatuses in his earlier years. Drawing transforms an idea into the blueprint, the base for which hälts builds his compositions. This is  a great way for artists to develop their style, and tap into …

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full circle

seeking the temple eternal walking the path amidst the illusion reaching oneness disrupted  thousandfold the search continues forsaken  nothing gone like wind only to return full circle.  fotoMahaloness a hälts minimotion picture show featuring ‘K-town bliss’ (jack rides his bicycle) c.2016 (soundscape by hälts) ​​​​​

soul medicine

life offers joy life brings pain life brings surprises and sometimes disdain no matter what may come there will be hälts  making art.  fotoMahaloness                 and a hälts ART minimotion picture show called ‘cultural calamity’  for otherside zine. 

many lifetimes

Quiza en otra vida tú y yo fuimos amantes. I once met a man whose paintings adorn the walls of Dalai Lama’s meditation room. He paints beautiful Thangka paintings, so exquisite is the detail that one loses sense of space and time. When I asked him how he made such detailed paintings he looked me …

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haze and confusion

Forgotten are the days when head was in haze caught up in the human confusion armed with ink, paint brush and paints I found solace in creative space empty canvases the saviour unleashing soul in silence one brush stroke at a time. fotoMahaloness a drawing and painting documenting moments in this lifetime. ’ember’ Ink moleskine …

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